Pick Your Plum Review


Last week I decided to splurge a bit. A little on myself, but mostly on Kayde, especially for his upcoming birthday party. I happened upon Pick Your Plum, which is a site that is dedicated to finding high quality items for low prices. Their motto is “get it before your neighbor”, as the deals they post daily are only available for a limited time and with a limited quantity. Most of the items I’ve seen on this site seem to be geared toward us crafty ladies, as well a lot of cute handmade items. I always see so many things I want to buy, but feel too guilty spending money (I’m cheap). But this time I felt it was okay to splurge a bit, as well as finally try this site out, so here is what I bought:

~ Circle Acrylic Ice Cream Cone Stand ($5.99) – This stand holds 16 ice cream cones (or eggs for Easter) and is PERFECT for this idea I had for Kayde’s Vintage Carnival Party.


Here’s an example of exactly how I plan on using this (it’s even using the exact same stand):


~ Crayon Pouch in Triangle and Aztec Diamond ($2.99 each) – How cute are these?! I really have no need for them, especially not two, but for only $3 how could I pass that up? Kayde does love coloring, so these will be great to toss in the diaper bag or in his overnight backpack. The only reason I bought two was because I couldn’t pick which design I loved more!


MY THOUGHTS: I am incredibly happy with this site. Shipping is a flat $4.99, which is about average as far as shipping goes. I love the handmade aspect of a lot of the items they feature, really reminds me of things I’d find on Etsy. Including shipping, I paid $16.96 and I am very pleased with that. So go check out Pick Your Plum!


March Stitch Fix Review


Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Simply buy what you like and return the rest.” The cost is only $20 for each fix. You can schedule them to ship every week or even every other month. The $20 styling fee acts as credit that can be used toward purchasing items from your fix.

This was my first month trying out Stitch Fix. I was super excited to try this out, but was skeptical as I’d seen other fixes and wasn’t quite sure the stylists would find anything that would fit my style, while also choosing based on my body type. I was pleasantly surprised!




Sherry Embroidery Detail Tab-Sleeve Top ($58) – The moment I saw this blouse(?) I hated it. Well, I guess hate is a strong word, but I really reaaaally disliked the embroidery, especially that ugly yellow right on the front. Yellow isn’t really my color, but I was trying to be open to more than just black, white, grey, and red. The blue embroidery I could do without, but it wasn’t bad enough to dislike it. I tried it on anyway, and was shocked. This top is super comfortable and soft, and had the perfect fit for my body. I usually stick to baby-doll tops to hide my midsection, but this cut and style works for me. I went from hating it to seriously considering keeping it. I’m still on the fence, only because I really really hate that yellow.



~ Mira Skinny Jean ($78) – When I pulled these out I thought they were some pretty ugly jeans. The waist band is completely unattractive, and the material is jegging-like. I tried them on and immediately wanted them. These jeans are high-waisted and suck in your muffin top. I never wear jeans, ever since I got pregnant almost three years ago. I find them uncomfortable and not at all flattering on me, but these I had to have. I figured nobody will see the ugly waist band, and I’d actually have jeans I feel comfortable in. The only thing holding me back is the $78 price tag.



~ Floria Split Back Knit Top ($48) – This was the first item I pulled out and I instantly liked it. The color is cute, and the floral back is just my style. It’s super soft and comfortable, but sadly, it isn’t very flattering on me. The back looks great, but the front just doesn’t do it for me, so sadly I had to pass on this.



~ Jace Chevron Print Dress ($68) – I’m a huge fan of chevron, anyone that knows me knows this. The stylist did a great job picking this for me; I can tell she paid attention to my Pinterest board and my notes. This dress fit me very well and was very flattering. Sadly, I’m not a fan of the bulky, heavy fabric it’s made out of. So I’m going to have to pass on this one as well.


Sofia Hammered Square Collar Necklace ($32) – I asked for statement necklaces and my stylist definitely delivered. It’s chunky and bold, without being gaudy. I tend to be cheap when it comes to paying for jewelry though, so I passed on this.

MY THOUGHTS: I was very impressed with my first fix. This subscription box definitely does what it intends to, which is encourage you to try things you generally wouldn’t. I thought it was ironic that I plan on returning the items I could see myself picking out, but desperately want to keep the items I would never choose to try on if I had shopped for them myself. It’s such a great way to expand your style and your closet, while also having a few days to decide what you’d like to keep. I haven’t quite decided yet, but that’s only because I’m frugal and can’t justify spending too much on myself.

SIGN UP: Interested in trying Stitch Fix out for yourself? You can try your first month for free, plus a $20 credit, if you sign up before March 31st! Just click here and enter “riskfreemarch” at checkout!

May Beauty Box 5 Review


Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription service that delivers a package of sample beauty products to your door every month. The cost of this box is $12 a month. This isn’t a box I would typically choose for myself, but they had a code out last month to get your first box free that I just couldn’t pass up.


First Look

First Look



~ Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer ($8.00) – Price is just an estimate based on price of full sized product. This body bronzer is an ultra-hydrating bronzer that gives you the perfect sunless tan. I like that I received 3 samples, rather than one, so I can actually get a good use out of it and really decide if I like it.


~ H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash ($1.44) – This body wash contains red alga (no clue what that is), aloe extract, and Vitamin E. Another good sized sample. I’ll definitely be testing this out in the shower.


~ Nubar Nail Lacquer ($4.00) – This is half the size of the full sized polish, but still enough for multiple manis. It’s a nice translucent glitter polish, and I have nothing like it.


~ Swissco Glitter Toe Separators ($2.00) – These are super cute and sparkly! I may set these aside and gift them with the polish.


~ Secret Clinical Strength Completely Clean ($7.99) – Yay, full size! I’ve actually wanted to try out this deodorant, but just never have. Nobody likes stinky pits!

MY THOUGHTS: The total value is $23.43. Basically double the cost of the box, great value! Although this isn’t my kind of sub box, I still really enjoyed it and will get use out of it. I’m pretty happy about the Secret Deodorant, especially since it’s full size! I got some great samples and cute things to gift!

SIGN UP: Would you like to try out Beauty Box 5 for yourself? Sign up here!

Citrus Lane on Plum District for $7.20!


Right now you can get a one month subscription to Citrus Lane on Plum District for only $7.20! This is the cheapest I’ve seen it in a while! Just head on over to Plum District and enter code “BABY20” at checkout. It will bring the cost from $9 down to just $7.20!

CLICK HERE to snag this deal!

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Nibblr Giveaway! – 12 days left to enter


“When you subscribe to nibblr, we will deliver a box of four portion-controlled, delicious snacks to your office or home. The snacks come in individually sealed trays, making it very easy for you to take them wherever you want!”

Enter below for a voucher for four Nibblr boxes. You can choose how often you receive each box: every week, two weeks, or once a month. Good luck!


May Square Hue Bonus Box Review


Square Hue sends you three themed nail polishes every month, right to your door. They cost $19.99 a month. They even ship in the beginning of the month, which is great while waiting for all your other mid-month sub boxes. (;



This is their Bloom Collection. I received it as part of a special promotion. If you signed up for the May box using the code “BOGO” you got a free mystery box. Couldn’t pass up that deal!


Second Look




~ Yellow Submarine – This is a nice dandelion yellow. It’s not a typical color for me, I generally stick with darker colors, but I still really like it.


~ Flower Power – I received a green polish in my April box that I wasn’t a fan of. I like this one much better, it’s a little more toned down. We’ll see if I keep it.


~ Groovy Love – Although I received a purple in my last box, I’m not disappointed at all to receive another. I’ve been on a purple kick, and this will be a good light color to get me away from only using darks. This is also completely different from the purple in last month’s box. It’s a light, pastel color, and it looks even better in person!.

MY THOUGHTS: This was a great box, with gorgeous new colors to get me out of my polish comfort zone. Perfect colors for Spring! What’s even better is that this box was a free bonus!  

SIGN UP: Interested in signing up for Square Hue? Click here


April Whimseybox Review


“You will receive a new DIY craft project each month with the materials and instructions necessary. Follow our tips and techniques or make it your own way.”
This is the fifth Whimseybox I have received. I failed to post a review for last month’s box, and as I was just about to I realized that I apparently didn’t take any photos. So, if a March Whimseybox Review happens to get posted far after March, you’ll know why. Anyway, Whimseybox costs $15 a month. April’s project was Calligraphy. 


First Look

As always, super cute packaging! I especially loved the arrow art!




This month’s box included a calligraphy pen with two different tips, ink, plenty of blank paper, examples to practice, and a calligraphy achievement button.

MY THOUGHTS: I’m so excited to try this project! Calligraphy has always been something that interested me, but I never gave it a shot. Once again, Whimseybox has not failed to deliver!

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