April Whimseybox Review


“You will receive a new DIY craft project each month with the materials and instructions necessary. Follow our tips and techniques or make it your own way.”
This is the fifth Whimseybox I have received. I failed to post a review for last month’s box, and as I was just about to I realized that I apparently didn’t take any photos. So, if a March Whimseybox Review happens to get posted far after March, you’ll know why. Anyway, Whimseybox costs $15 a month. April’s project was Calligraphy. 


First Look

As always, super cute packaging! I especially loved the arrow art!




This month’s box included a calligraphy pen with two different tips, ink, plenty of blank paper, examples to practice, and a calligraphy achievement button.

MY THOUGHTS: I’m so excited to try this project! Calligraphy has always been something that interested me, but I never gave it a shot. Once again, Whimseybox has not failed to deliver!

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Whimseybox and save $5 off your first box? Sign up here and $5 will automatically be taken off at checkout. That means you’ll get your first box for only $10!


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