April Square Hue Review


Square Hue sends you three themed nail polishes every month, right to your door. They cost $19.99 a month. This was my first month getting Square Hue, and I really liked it. They even ship in the beginning of the month, which is great while waiting for all your other mid-month sub boxes. (;


First Look

Square Hue sends their polishes in cute little boxes. What I like most about the packaging is that the polishes are set in little holes in the box that fit them perfectly. They look so neat and organized I’ve been keeping them in there.



P.C. Hooftstraat – This is a duochrome polish. It’s my favorite of the box. It has a purple/blue color to it that changes depending on the angle. It’s seriously gorgeous! I’ve been hooked on these sort of polishes lately, so I was ecstatic when I saw it.


Kalverstraar – This polish is a high gloss creme. It’s a super pretty pink. I have nothing like it, and although I’m not a pink polish kind of girl, I love it.


~ Beethovenstraat – This is also a high gloss creme. It’s very different from anything in my polish collection, and I’m not sure I’ll keep it. It’s just not something I could ever pull off.

MY THOUGHTS: I’m very happy that I tried out Square Hue. I plan to continue this subscription for a bit. I love the packaging and really appreciate the variety in colors and finishes.

SIGN UP: Interested in signing up for Square Hue? Click here! If you use the code “BOGO”, you’ll get a free surprise collection box with your May box!

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