April Citrus Lane Review – Newborn


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends full size children’s products to your doorstep. They often include one mommy gift as well. The cost is $29 per month. Kayde has been getting CL boxes for about six months now. We love them and get so excited every month that they arrive at our doorstep. (i get more excited than Kayde, don’t judge.) Kayde got a few boxes this month using credits and because it was his birthday on the 3rd. Even though Kayde is a year old now, I decided to get a newborn box since we started CL when he was already around 5-6 months old.



First Look



~ Green Toys First Keys ($7.99) – This is a cute teething toy made out of recycled plastic milk jugs. It has nice vibrant colors and seems pretty durable. Kayde is too old for this, so I’m going to gift it to my newly born cousin.


~ Zoli On-the-Go ($15.00) – This is a formula and/or snack container. the top is designed to screw on as a spout to pour formula into bottles. We already have a snack stacker that we looove, but I really like this so I’m on the fence about keeping  or gifting it.


~ Under the Nile Sleeping Doll ($11.00) – This is an adorable doll made from hand-picked Egyptian cotton. I already bought Kayde the Under the Nile tooth fairy doll because of how freakin’ adorable it was, and it’ll be so cute to store his lost tooth in the pocket for the tooth fairy. Anyway, I knew that I would love this sleeping doll almost as much. I got to pick which I wanted and went with a mint green, but I ended up with this striped grey one. I’m assuming they ran out of the green, which I’m completely okay with. (I’m a grey fanatic.) The point of this rant is…. this doll is adorable and you must buy one for your child. (;


~ Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap ($1.00) – No idea how much the value of this is, as it’s only a sample size. Usually, I wouldn’t be thrilled about receiving soap. But I keep seeing other bloggers posting photos and raving about Mrs. Meyer’s grease fighting power, so I’m now hoarding all my samples of it from CL. I’ll let you know how I like it.


~ Treat Greeting Card Offer ($3.49) – Free first greeting card from Treat. This will be great for personalized cards for holidays!

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $38.48. So, good value, especially since I only paid about $9 for it. I think this is a great newborn box. Even at Kayde’s age, I could still use some of the items.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Citrus Lane and save $20 off your first box? Sign up here and enter the code “SPRING20” at checkout. That means you only pay $9 for your first box!


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