Citrus Lane Mystery Box 0-12 Months


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends full size children’s products to your doorstep. They often include one mommy gift as well. The cost is $29 per month. A couple weeks ago they put out a mystery box aged 0-12 months. Kayde just turned one a few days ago, so I figured I’ll probably get use out of most of the items. Plus I can’t pass up anything from CL, especially a mystery box. The mystery box was also $29.



First Look



~ Rich Frog Duck Stacker ($10.00) – I knew I’d be getting this. This was one of four options to pick from as the only product that wasn’t a mystery. Kayde already has the lion stacker from Rich Frog, so we went with this cute little duck. I love these, and now Kayde has two to mix them together.


~ Barefoot Books Octopus Opposites ($7.99) – This is a cute book, good quality. I love board books for Kayde, so this will be a great addition to his growing collection.


~ BeginAgain Green Ring Teether Toy ($10.00) – Kayde won’t use this, he’s a little too old for it in my opinion. But this is a 0-12 box, so it’s not disappointing. I’ll probably save this for a baby shower gift.


~ BeginAgain Earthworm ($11.00) – I saw this in spoilers for Bluum boxes last month, and was glad I got a different BeginAgain toy in my Bluum box. Then I saw this in Mystery Box spoilers and wasn’t super thrilled to receive it. But honestly, I think it’s my favorite item out of this entire box. It’s bigger than I assumed it was. Kayde absolutely loves it, and it’s perfect to bring on the go. I would definitely recommend buying this for your little one.


~ Munchkin Click Lock Trainer Cups ($7.99) – I’ve read good reviews on these, but Kayde already has plenty of sippy cups, so this will be gifted.


~ Aden and Anais Burpy Bib ($11.00) – This is way too girly for Kayde, and he doesn’t use anything like this anyway. Buuut, it’s adorable. So I’m going to keep it in hopes that I’ll have a girl some day.

MY THOUGHTS: The total for this box was $57.98. Such a good deal, and I loved pretty much every item. I already nabbed the 12-24 months mystery box, so I’ll post a review for that as soon as I get it. Hopefully, it’s just as good!

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Citrus Lane and save 50% off your first box? Sign up here and 50% will automatically be taken off at checkout. That means you only pay $14.50 for your first box!


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