Julep Nail Polish Giveaway!


I realize I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, but I’m trying. I haven’t been able to do nearly as many posts as I would like to, and I seem to be falling slightly behind on my reviews. I suppose such is life with a nearly one-year-old, a busy husband, and other people’s children in and out of your home daily.

Another first world problem I seem to be encountering is the lack of space I have on/around my dining room table. I will blame my subscription box addiction for this, and also Kayde’s birthday party. I use most things from sub boxes, but there are always a few things I could, but probably won’t, use.

So, I decided to do my very first giveaway including a few of these items. Be excited! I will be giving away 3 mystery Julep nail polishes and 1 Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat! These are all brand new, completely unused, and still in their original packaging. All you need to do is enter below! GOOD LUCK!



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