March Love With Food Review – Flavors of the World


Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that sends boxes filled to the brim with new, organic, all-natural snacks right to your door. They cost $10/month plus $2 S&H for a monthly sub. First time subscribers can get their box for only the cost of S&H, only $2! Read to the bottom for the link and code. This was my first month trying Love With Food, and I was very pleased.


The Box


First Look

The inside cover of the box reminds you that for every box you buy, Love With Food sends a meal to a hungry child in the US. So not only are you indulging in healthful and delicious snacks, but you are also doing good deeds! (;

The card included gives you a list of all the snacks you received in that month’s box. The theme for this month is “Flavors of the World”, so the card tells you where in the world each snack came from.



~ Wai Lana Cassava Chips – These chips are gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain 30% less fat than regular potato chips. You can’t tell, because these are delicious.


~ Vintage Italia Pasta Chips – I was somewhat skeptical, because I’m always unsure about tasting weird chips. I love pasta, but didn’t know how pasta chips would be. But, I ate the whole bag. They were delicious, and didn’t have too much marinara flavor.


~ Walkers Shortbread Fingers – Delicious, buttery shortbread cookies from Scotland. These are so yummy, although not at all new to me.


~ Desert Gardens Taco & Burrito Seasoning – I haven’t used this yet. I don’t like tacos, but C loooves them! So this will definitely be a hit.


~ Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey Tea – I hate tea. C might drink this, but I doubt it. Just not a fan of getting tea in my sub boxes.


~ Pierrot Gourmand Lollipop – I haven’t tried this yet. I don’t even know what the flavor is, or if there is a flavor. I’m not a huge fan of hard candy.

~ Chimes Ginger Chews – I haven’t tried these either. C loves ginger, so I’m saving them for him.


~ Emmy’s Organics Chai Spice Macaroons – I saved the best for last! Boy, were these delicious. I was eyeing these for days before I finally took photos of the box. Once I did, I immediately opened these bad boys up and devoured them. Unfortunately, they’re a whopping 100 calories per macaroon, but so soo worth it! I would have been ecstatic to have just received an entire box full of only these. Of course, I’m a sucker for anything chai/coconut.

MY THOUGHTS: I’m not putting the retail value for this box, because there are so many little items, and it would take too long to find the MSRP for each individual item. I would definitely assume that the value is far beyond what I paid, and even beyond the regular price of this box. So far, Love With Food is a win for me. I really enjoyed the diversity of this box, and everything I’ve tried is delicious.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Love With Food and save $10? Sign up here, and use the code “YUMMY″ to get $10 off your first box. You’ll get it for only the cost of S&H, which is $2!


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