Thursday Thoughts




This is my first time doing Thursday Thoughts. I’ve been feeling like crap the past two days, so I’m keeping my “thoughts” short & sweet.

▪ As I lay here on the couch while Kayde naps, I can’t help but think how convenient it is that he fits perfectly snuggled into me.

▪ Showers have become a luxury for me lately. I hate feeling dirty and stinky. But it’s sometimes difficult to get a shower in when I watch other children during the day, have to make meals & feed everyone, do housework, run errands, and of course Kayde can’t take naps without me holding him. Daddy just won’t do.

▪ It’s amazing how much natural light fills your house when you actually pull the blinds open. Apparently, we’ve been living in darkness.

▪ Every day I realize just how obsessed I am with buying Kayde toys and tableware. He’s not even quite a year old yet, he doesn’t need twelve different sippy cups just because they look like monsters and robots. And he certainly doesn’t need so many toys that the pack ‘n play is being used as an extra toybox.

▪ Quite often I find myself wishing I was pregnant. At least then I’d have a valid excuse to be fat.

▪ Not sure if this is normal, or maybe I’m just strange. Buuut, I love the smell of Kayde’s baby breath. Especially while he’s asleep or has just woken up. I promise I’m not a creep.


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