March Treatsie Review



Treatsie is a monthly subscription box that sends curated boxes of gourmet artisan sweets from ever-changing vendors for $15 a month + S&H. This is my second month getting Treatsie, and I enjoyed this month even more than the last.


The Box


First Look



~ TCHO Mokaccino ($7.00) – First off, I love the the package that this chocolate comes in, adorable. Second, I may try this but I’m not a fan of coffee flavored anything. Buuut, C loves coffee, so I’ll probably let him have it.



~ CocoaPlanet Chocolate ($3.50 each/$7.00 total) – I received Salted Caramel and CocoaMint. These little chocolate spheres with flavors “suspended” in Premium Dark Chocolate. Of course, I hate dark chocolate, but I might try at least one. C loves dark chocolate, so he’ll probably end up with one or both.Image

~ TCHO Minibar Assortment ($6.00) – “Set includes a Dark and Milk Assortment – 1 each of “Chocolatey”, “Fruity”, “Nutty, “Bright”, “Classic”(Milk), and “Cacao”(Milk).” These are also in cute wrappers, and come in plenty of flavors. They only have two milk chocolate bars, so I decided to try those. The Cacao one is still a little too dark for my taste, it reminded me of the chocolates from Christmas advent calendars. I did enjoy the Classic though, it was pretty delicious. I’ll add the rest to C’s stash of chocolate. Lucky guy.


~ Big Picture Farm Goat Milk Caramels ($1.00 each/$4.00 total) – These came in four different flavors: Cocoa Latte, Maple Cream, Chai, and Sea Salt & Bourbon Vanilla. I haven’t tried these yet, but now that I know what the flavors are, I really want to try the Chai. I’m a sucker for anything Chai. C loves caramels, so he may eat the rest. They do sound delicious though!

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $24. Exactly the same as last month. So, once again, it isn’t super high-value, but you do get a little more than your money’s worth. I think it’s worth it to get to try sweets that I otherwise would have never heard of. Even though C will end up eating most of what’s in the box, I still like this box even better than last month’s. We got a large variety of flavors, and every item we received will be enjoyed by one of us. I highly recommend indulging in this box.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Treatsie and save $5 off your first box? Sign up here, and use the code “SUBSCRIBE5″ to get $5 off your first box.



10 thoughts on “March Treatsie Review

  1. I don’t like the dark chocolates either. Too bad there isn’t a way to tell Treatsie to put in more milks. I subscribed last month to Treatsie but then switched this month to try out Orange Glad. I’m kind of bummed because that Mokaccino thing looks interesting. Do you melt it in your coffee? If so that sounds YUM!

    • Right? They should make a quiz or at least let you list your dislikes. I’ve been tempted to try Orange Glad for months, I’m a sucker for anything sweet. The Mokaccino has a coffee flavor, but I’m sure it’d be great melted in coffee if you’re a coffee drinker!

  2. I have been receiving Treatsie since November 2013. The first month was good but since then the box is more and more empty each time.
    I received my March 2014 box yesterday. It did not contain all the chocolate being shown in the picture above. Whoever posted this blog and pic are obviously working for the Treatsie company !

    I would not recommend Treatsie to anyone. It is expensive and most months now I get a box containing about $8 worth of candy.

    Save your money and spend your $15 each month on chocolate at your local store – it is a much better deal. Treatsie is a rip off !

    • I most definitely do not work for Treatsie. I just started getting boxes from Treatsie last month. Based on what the items in my past two boxes are selling for, they’re worth a little over what you pay for the box. If you didn’t get all the items I received in my box, I would suggest you call or e-mail Treatsie and hopefully they’ll fix it for you. If you don’t like the boxes, why don’t you cancel? I’m sorry your experience with them hasn’t been as pleasant as mine.

      • I haven’t cancelled because my Treatsie boxes have already been paid for by my friend. It was my birthday present.
        After seeing the amount of items in your picture today I have just contacted to complain.
        I would like to know how many other months I have had items missing. Hopefully they can help me find out.

        Thank you for posting the pic on your blog – otherwise I would not have discovered half of my candy was missing.
        What a terrible, rip off company !

      • Thank you again. I just checked the February 2014 blog and I was missing one item from that month too. This month (March 2014) I am missing multiple items including the large item.

        I would recommend you check your Treatsie boxes each month from now on because you are only on month two and from now on you will be getting less and less like I did. It seems they put more in the first few and then reduce it as much as they can.

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