March Bluum Box Review – 24 Month



Bluum is a monthly subscription box full of goodies for mom and baby, from pregnancy to preschool. Their boxes cost $24.95 monthly, but you can sign up for 3, 6, and 12 month recurring subscriptions at a discounted rate. This is my fourth month receiving a Bluum box. I needed to drop a few sub boxes to save money, so I dropped the Bluum box for Kayde’s actual age, and kept the box aged up a year. I find that the things he receives are more age appropriate that way. So, this is the review for the 24 month box.


The Box

I’m not sure I even remember receiving a shipping notification or tracking number. To my surprise, I received this box today, which is exactly a week earlier than last month.


The Card


First Look

Packed very nice and neat, which is always a good thing to see.



Turn and Learn Baby Animals Book

~ Turn and Learn Baby Animals Book ($3.99) – I haven’t received my email with all the prices from Bluum yet, so all prices are the lowest I can find online. I am really pleased with this book. It’s different from every other book we own. Kayde doesn’t have any that have wheels to turn to change the pictures, and board books are always a plus.


Happy Family Creamies

Happy Family Creamies ($3.59 each/$7.18 total) – I’m a little bit torn on this. We received these same Happy Creamies last month in his 23 month box. Kayde really enjoys these, and I buy only organic snacks for him, so I was thrilled to see them last month. We’re almost out so it’s kind of nice to get them again. BUT, I don’t like the idea of receiving two of the same items that I’ve already been introduced to and can buy on my own… two months in a row.


BeginAgain Farm Buddy Blocks

~ BeginAgain Farm Buddy Blocks ($13.00) – These cute little blocks have farm animals painted on each side that you match up like a puzzle. They are made with child safe paints and earth friendly rubberwood, and they come in this adorable little crate-like box. I’m more than sure that Kayde will love these, and because they’re small, they will be perfect to throw in the diaper bag to entertain him while we’re out. I’m going to set these aside and add them to his Easter basket!


Boogie Mist

~ Boogie Wipes Boogie Mist ($4.99) – This Boogie Mist is a gentle saline mist for stuffy noses. It even has a grape scented nozzle. Usually, I don’t care for these types of products, but Kayde currently has a stuffy/runny nose, so I will give this a shot.


Deep Steep Hand Scrub

~ Deep Steep Hand Scrub ($9.95) – This hand scrub is made with Dead Sea Salts, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil. All Deep Steep products are all-natural. The scent I got is passion fruit and guava. It smells really good, and I’m into anything with coconut oil, so looks I’ll keep this. Oh, and the packaging is adorable.

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $39.11. It’s a good deal even at full price. I got this box half off, so I only paid $12.48. I definitely got my money’s worth, and I loved pretty much all the items, even the repeats. This box is definitely in the running for my favorite Bluum box I’ve received so far.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Bluum and save 50%? Sign up here. Your first box will only be $12.48, and you can cancel any time!




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