February Citrus Lane Review – 22 Month Old


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends full size children’s products to your doorstep. They often include one mommy gift as well. The cost is $29 per month. Kayde has been getting CL boxes for about four months now. We love them and get so excited every month that they arrive at our doorstep. (i get more excited than Kayde, don’t judge.) Kayde now gets two boxes every month, one for his actual age, and one aged up a year. This is the CL review for his aged up box, 22 months.



Green Toys Stock Pot & Utensil Set

~ Green Toys Stock Pot & Utensil Set ($10.99) – This price is a guess based on the set I found on the Green Toys website. I need to stop looking at spoilers, because I really wanted to get the sandwich set that other kid’s at this age received. So I was a little disappointed to get this stock pot set instead. Stupid me, Kayde loves it and that’s all that matters. A 3-year-old that I watch a few times a week also plays with it just about every time he comes over. So I’d say it’s a hit.


Oogaa Silicone Divided Plate

~ Oogaa Silicone Divided Plate ($10.99) – As soon as I opened this box I was excited that I got this plate instead of the bowl. Kayde already has like 12 bowls, because I have a ridiculous obsession with buying my son tableware. Thankfully, he only had two plates prior to this box. I like divided plates, and I love that this won’t slip off the table or break (or both!). I was concerned with how flimsy a rubber plate would be, but it’s surprisingly thick and sturdy and of high quality!


Barefoot Books Starlight Sailor

~ Barefoot Book Starlight Sailor ($14.99) – I was impressed by the size of this book. It’s pretty big for a board book. It has a nice story, and will be perfect as a gift for Kayde’s sailor themed birthday party in a few weeks.


Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream ($12.00) – Not a huge fan of mom gifts in my kid’s sub box, but I know some people like that. Also, not a fan of lotions of any kind, but again, most people like them. I figured instead of dismissing it as a gift for someone else, I’d try it out.

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $48.97. That’s pretty much $20 more product than you’re paying for! What a great value! And I love all of the products besides the lotion (but that’s my fault for being weird about lotions), so great products and great value. Can’t beat that!

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Citrus Lane and save 50% off your first box? Sign up here, and 50% will automatically be taken off at checkout. That means you only pay $14.50 for your first box!


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