February Citrus Lane Review – 10 Month Old



Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that sends full size children’s products to your doorstep. They often include one mommy gift as well. The cost is $29 per month. Kayde has been getting CL boxes for about four months now. We love them and get so excited every month that they arrive at our doorstep. (i get more excited than Kayde, don’t judge.) Kayde now gets two boxes every month, one for his actual age, and one aged up a year. This is the CL review for his actual age, 10 months.



Plan Toys Shape Sorter

~ Plan Toys Shape Sorter ($10.00) – This shape sorter is kind of unique. It comes with three shapes that are attached by a sturdy chord, and it’s small enough to take with you to entertain your little one. My box arrived at the perfect time, right before we left for vacation to Florida (which is why I’m posting a Feb review in March). So although I was a little bummed that this was a product from past boxes, we hadn’t received it yet, and I immediately put it in Kayde’s bag for our flight. We had a three hour flight, and this was the perfect toy to keep him entertained. Although he doesn’t quite understand how it works yet, it had enough to it that he was amused.


Boon Pulp Teething Feeder

~ Boon Pulp Teething Feeder ($7.49) – This little silicone feeder is meant to put small pieces of fruits and such into to make eating finger foods easier. We have the basic mesh one from Munchkin already, and that has only been used once. This is also not very age appropriate since Kayde eats like a five year old and will likely get infuriated at the sight of his food being held captive from his mouth. If this had been in a box for a six month old, then I’d be excited for it as I wanted to try out the silicone kind and I’m a huge fan of Boon. So now I’m deciding between giving it as a babyshower gift or keeping it for our next child.


Barefoot Books Bedtime Rhymes

~ Barefoot Books Bedtime Rhymes ($6.99) – This is a cute book. I love that it’s a board book so Kayde can have it now. I also love that it has classic nursery rhymes. Books always win with me.


Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream

~ Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream ($12.00) – Not a huge fan of mom gifts in my kid’s sub box, but I know some people like that. Also, not a fan of lotions of any kind, but again, most people like them. I figured instead of dismissing it as a gift for someone else, I’d try it out.

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $36.48. I paid about $9 for this box, so I got an extremely good value. Even at full price ($29), you still get more than you pay for. I wasn’t too thrilled about the lotion or feeder, but overall it was a pretty good box, and I know everything will get used at some point.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Citrus Lane and save 50% off your first box? Sign up here, and 50% will be taken off automatically at checkout. That’s only $14.50 for your first box!


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