February Bluum Box Review – 23 Month

Image Bluum is a monthly subscription box full of goodies for mom and baby, from pregnancy to preschool. Their boxes cost $24.95 monthly, but you can sign up for 3, 6, and 12 month recurring subscriptions at a discounted rate. This is my third month receiving a Bluum box. So far, I’ve really like what has come in each box. So much so, that I decided to get a second box for Kayde, but aged up a year so he’d receive different things. This is a review for the 23 month box that I received in the mail yesterday. You can view my review for the February Bluum 11 Month Box here.


The Box

Bluum sent out an e-mail last week saying the shipping on their boxes would be delayed a few days because of the bad weather. Once they were sent out, it took only a few days to arrive.


The Card


First Look

The first look was a relief after the first look of the 11 month box. Everything in this box was organized and I was already excited about the Happy Creamies.



Happy Family Creamies

~ Happy Family Creamies ($3.59 each/$7.18 total) – I was happy to see these! We got two flavors: Apple, Spinach, Pea, Kiwi & Strawberry, Raspberry, Carrot. I’m pretty much obsessed with buying Kayde organic, healthy snacks, so these definitely fit the bill. I had actually considered buying these on multiple occasions, but chose not to because Kayde preferred puffs. He’s now grown tired of bland puffs, so I’ve been trying to find other snacks for him. These are perfect, and even better is that Kayde loves them!


Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream

~ Weleda Calendula Weather Protection Cream ($12.00) – We received this in our 11 month box as well. Here is what I posted, “This cream is supposed to help protect baby’s skin from cold and wind. At first, I wasn’t overly thrilled about getting a cream in this box. But, after reading its package, I was actually a little thrilled about it. Kayde has been breaking out all around his mouth and on his forehead from this harsh New England weather, and hopefully this will fix that for him. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have high hopes for it.”


Play Doh Mini 4 Pack

~ Play Doh Mini 4 Pack ($13.00) – First off, let me ask a question. HOW IS THIS WORTH $13? Please, someone explain this to me. I can buy this on Amazon for less than $5. In the e-mail Bluum sent with their product pricing and descriptions, they included links to their products on Amazon. I clicked the link for this, because I was incredibly curious as to where they came up with their price for this. It brought me to a 24 pack on Amazon that was only $2 more than what they claim this 4 pack goes for. Ridiculous. ANYWAY, their supposed value for this product aside, I still don’t particularly like this in my box. Yes, I aged my son up a year, but I still don’t think I’d want him playing with Play Doh before he even hits two. Not only that, but I generally enjoy these sort of boxes because I like being exposed to new products and companies I otherwise wouldn’t know of or try. Play Doh is incredibly well-known and so easily accessible. NOT something I look for in a subscription box.


Little Rabbit Waits For The Moon

~ Little Learners Little Rabbit Waits For The Moon ($8.00) – This book is adorable, and because it’s a board book I don’t have to wait a few years for Kayde to have it. I love getting books in my subscription boxes. Unlike a lot of other momma’s, I don’t think I’ll ever have enough books for Kayde. This book will be perfect to put in Kayde’s Easter basket.


Recycling Book

~ Child’s Play Recycling Book ($5.99) – This is a cute book that teaches children the benefit of recycling. Great concept to teach children at a young age. Again, I never tire of receiving books. At first, I was slightly disappointed at the fact that it isn’t a board book. But upon closer inspection I realized the pages are thick, durable, and plastic-like. I was thrilled. I have never seen a book made this way, and Kayde can have it now without eating the pages.

MY THOUGHTS: The total value for this box is $46.17. As far as value goes, even if you pay full price for a box (24.95), this box is great. You’re getting well over what you paid for it. Even if you change the price of the Play Doh to $5, you’re still getting a great deal. My only real complaint would be that there wasn’t really a toy included, but we still got great stuff. I think this box made up for our 11 month box, so I think for now I’m going to find a good deal and continue our subscription with them.

SIGN UP: Would you like to sign up for Bluum and save 50%? Sign up here. Your first box will only be $12.48, and you can cancel any time!


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